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One week till we leave for Villa Mandoo

Hi, my name is Brett.  My father Bob owns Villa Mandoo.  Next Thursday my family and I are heading down to Villa Mandoo for the month of January.  I thought it'd be a good idea to blog about our stay, sharing all the fun things we do and travel tips with potential renters of Villa Mandoo.  

Being that it's a week before we leave it's time to think about packing.  I dug up my old checklist from the last time I visited Villa Mandoo, and I've shared it below with some comments.  

A little background on our group, 6 total, 4 adults, and 2 children (3 & 4 y/o).  I'll be working, telecommuting part of the time we are there, via the villa's broadband internet connection.  Some of my checklist items are work related, but could be helpful for anyone that wants to do the same.  I'll update with wife's list when she packs.

  • Passports, Tickets & Wallet - Obviously these are important.  I'll bring a travel wallet if I can find it.
  • Clothing - male
    • Shorts - casual and athletic
    • T-shirts, including long-sleeve - Long-sleeve to keep sun off you
    • Bathing suit - pool, ocean, you'll want one
    • Sun glasses - a must have
    • Polo shirts - Dinner, golfing
    • One pair of light weight pants - Not required anywhere I can think of, but I might wear to nice dinner.
    • Underwear & Socks - Socks for hiking or sport
    • Baseball hat or wide-brimmed hat - sun
    • Patagonia pants - very light travel pants
  • Footwear
    • Flip-flops - I live in them down there
    • Tevas - Some sort of sport sandal for hiking
    • Swim shoes - It's a rocky beach in front of the villa, with coral.  It's best to protect your feet.
    • Tennis sneakers - We play tennis at the Windjammer report next door.
  • Toiletries
    • Glasses - if you where them!
    • Contacts & solution
    • Toothbrush & toothpaste, dental floss
    • Deodorant
    • Sunscreen - a must have.
  • Sporting gear
    • Swim goggles - to swim laps in pool
    • Mask, snokel, fins - excellent snorkeling in front of the house
    • TRX Strap - cool strap I hang from a tree to get a little workout in, http://www.fitnessanywhere.com/
    • Tennis Racket
  • Electronics - keep a close eye on all electronics, they DO get stolen if left unattended.  Lock up when not in use.
    • 2-way radios - very helpful if you have a group.  I have fairly powerful ones that reach all the way to Windjammer resort next door.  Mostly used between pool and house.
    • Camera, charger
    • Video camera, charger
    • DVD Player - there is one at the house.  This is a portable one for the kids while traveling.
    • GSM cell phone - if you have an unlocked one you can get a sim card in town.
    • GPS - just something to play with.
    • Batteries - for your gadgets
  • Work related
    • Computer w/mouse & power adapter
    • SecureID - any security thing you need to connect to work.
    • Router - there one at the house, but I travel with a backup one.
    • Skype Phone - I connect to the router and make/receive calls like I'm in USA.
    • Power converter - There are some in the house, but I always travel down with one in case they've disappeared.
    • Power strip - Lot's of stuff to plugin.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Books, magazines, etc. - There are a lot of books at the house, I always like to bring some new ones and leave them there.
    • DVD's for the kids.
    • Games, puzzles rainy day activities - Lot's of games already at the house
    • Patagonia backpack - This is my daypack, very helpful to have.
    • Binoculars - Fun to check out the passing boats.
  • Kids
    • Car seats - a pain, but we bring them.  I think car rental places rent them.